Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ganesh Chaturthi around the corner ...

Ganesh Chaturthi around the corner ...

Come September and 3rd September 2008 would be Ganesh Chaturthi. Lord Ganesh, also known as Vinayaka, Vigneswara, Ganapathi is the supreme and foremost Lord that we need to worship before starting any activity.

As a matter of fact, I also have a weblog dedicated to Lord Ganesh Temples worldwide which you can see it here. Though, I have started it sometime back, due to time and resource constraints, I was not able to update it. Let me schedule some time for the same too.

For the purpose and benefit of other readers, I searched for Vinayagar slokam and got a video of Vinayagar Agaval, uploaded by sripadam in Youtube. I am sharing the here for your quick reference so that everyone can benefit getting the blessings of Sri Ganesh.

It is always customary to exchange wishes to our near and dear on such occasions. And these days of Internet Age, distance is no longer a problem since the world has shrunk to a global village. Check out the eGreeting cards on the occasion of Sri Ganesh Chaturthi on

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Happy Ganesh Chaturthi 2008 !!!