Wednesday, August 27, 2008

To breather healthy air ...

To breather healthy air ...

Today whilst casually opening my suite refrigerator, I had an opportunity to watch a small device near it. Just curious and was observing it. It read as CO (Carbon Monoxide) detector. A little research in Wiki gave me this result too. We should really appreciate American hotels for bringing such concepts since it would be really very helpful for the guests to breathe safely the fresh air.

Another feature, I like in Marriot hotels, during my current stay and previous stay at Renaissance Marriot in Seattle is that Marriot declares all its hotels are 100% smoke-free. Now, if you are detected of smoking in your room, a flat $250 room recovery fee would be slapped onto your roombill.

At the same time, we should also appreciate the current Health Minister (Anbumani Ramadoss) who is trying his level best to eradicate smoking in all levels.  Let us try to see if we can help the people in the world to breathe a fresh new air by smoking out the smoking habit itself.

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