Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What is happening to N. MacArthur Road?

What is happening to N. MacArthur Road?

I have seen two traffic accidents where about three cars were smashed in the N. MacArthur Road in the past three days. I am not sure whether I have shared an obsevation but wanted to mention about my observation that I felt that N. MacArthur has significant traffic increase this year, as I compare the same to my visit the previous year. I shared this thought to one of my onshore managers and he was telling that a few companies have sprung up in this region which has contributed to a phenomenal traffic increase in this segment of Irving city.

Yesterday while walking from office in Hidden Ridge to my home in Walnut Hill Line and at the time of negotiating the Meadow Creek traffic lights, I saw the police car with flashing lights. I was just thinking that someone would have flouted the laws and he is being 'ticketed'. But only I went near and was about to cross the road, I observed that one car was smashed in the back and the other was smashed in its front. In a quite unrelated direction, two more cars were standing near the Carnaby street. My guess was the latter two would have darted across the traffic lights unmindful of the quick accident that has occured adding to the chaos. There was another cop vehicle which joined to regulate the traffic. I should sincerely appreciate the Irving Police Department, since their first steps were to move the vehicles to the corner of the road which is not used and hence the other vehicles could negotiate the stretch without adding to the chaos. Compare this to our Indian police where the cops would do street-discussions with other onlookers surrounding them and the entire stretch would be suffering a heavy traffic choking.

Today when our car was about turn from Hidden Ridge into N. MacArthur, I observed that again three vehicles were involved in collision right at the entrance of MacDonalds restaurant. I know, MacDonalds' restaurant has a special negotiation curve in the road but with a 'Yield' signal that drivers should obey. This time, it involved a private car and also a cab from Executive Taxi. I just thought I have a few observations from these incidents:

  1. Irving City Police should be more vigilant on the blatant road users including J-Walkers. I am sure, compared to my own country cops where they are packed with inertia, Irving PD are very vibrant and dynamic. The other thing, I love in Irving, is that the citizens group has also launched 'Citizen Patrol' to assist the police department in their free times. (News Source: Irving Community Channel). Hence I feel that only casual visitors are contributing to these menace and this should not be taken lightly in the interest of protecting the beautiful and peaceful city.
  2. A little more traffic discipline should be enforced to bring these menace under control.
  3. I have my own experience with the traffic lights this time. I was advised by many that we have to press the button to cross the street and wait for the walk signal. I felt that, of late, even before I cross half the street, the light turns red and I had to take to heels. I think the timings of the signal have changed which might also be contributing to the chaos. Would some one look into small trivial but significant issues and try to address them?

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