Sunday, August 10, 2008

Why do people think 'Public Property as Private Property'?

Why do people think 'Public Property as Private Property'?

It is really a most disgusting attitude of a few people who have got habituated to make use of public property and their workplace corporate possessions for their personal chores and to satisfy their bestial instincts. I am rather harsh yes. But the intensity and acuteness of this disturbing others is significant and people should really consider cleaning up their thoughts and think for public welfare too.

Recently, I registered for Reliance Calling Card to India. Reliance gives a facility to generate and give an automatic number for those who stay in hotels. And for residents they can give their own telephone numbers for easy dialling. I just observed some crank prankster has registered for the calling card giving the hotel telephone number. The nett result of which is that others can not use Reliance Calling Card through hotel phone numbers.

I remember even during my previous trip, my manager (Srinivas Wudali) used to tell me about this and he faced a similar problem with several of his colleagues got totally stranded away from calling their home since another eccentric had registered the hotel number for his personal calling card.

I think calling card companies now should be more strict regarding such registrations. They ought to devise some trick or background check to ensure that common public numbers are not registered for personal registrations resulting in mass inconvenience and denial-of-service to others.

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