Monday, September 08, 2008

A Fond Recall And and Affectionate Thanks

A Fond Recall And and Affectionate Thanks

I was busy writing out a small review on C# Basics book by Vijay Mukhi. My mind slowly went back into 2002 when I started into my voyage with .NET.

For me, I would thank my following guru's who have been my beacon light in getting into a good voyage of .NET:

  1. My the-then technical leads at C S Software:
    1. Varadarajan A
    2. Aravinthan N
  2. Akila Manian (MVP)
  3. My then then program managers at C S Software:
    1. Sivakumaran Kathiresan
    2. Sasidharan Chinnaraj

      (I am not that affluent to go for costly courses. They were kind enough to organize on the job training, during our tenure in the organization and the training itself was conducted by Akila).

Just thought I would write out this small post thanking them for lending a great helping hand into my .NET Journey. I say just 'Thanks'. But is this six letter word say it all? It may or may not but it should be expressing my heart-felt thanks.

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