Sunday, September 21, 2008

"The God's Mills Grinds Slow But Sure ..."

"The God's Mills Grinds Slow But Sure ..."

The Friday attack of the undue stress and other environmental parameters on me set waves of introspection from my internal self on various of my past deeds and I just thought of sharing the same which would be helpful for others too in correcting similar follies that many people succumb to.

  1. There is a tamil proverb which says "பனை மரத்துக்கு கீழே இருந்து பால் குடித்தாலும் பாப்பவர்கள் கண்ணுக்கு கள்ளாகதான் தெரியும்" which means "Even if we only drink water at the shade of palm tree, the onlookers would only view with a suspicion whether we are brewing toddy (arrack) from the palm product and consuming it.

    Similar to this proverb, two weeks back I have been staying late around with a few who have the habit of taking liquor for the weekend celebrations. Though I just restricted myself to Coke or a peg of beer, it just added up to the offences that the Lord's account book for me maintains and which I think has manifested as the 9/19 attack on me. This is Lord's lesson to me that I need to mend my ways. Again, this also coincides with the moral that Sindhu Bhairavi film carries. The two weekend incidents carries the Avarohanam for which the Lord made me to run through the agony this weekend to ward off the clouds scattering my focus on Him towards mundane attractions. Hopefully, the days ahead would be Aarohanam without any negatives as Sindhu Bhairavi concluding song says too. I have recorded a quick snap on Snapvine regarding my learning curve here:.
  2. There has been many occasions where we just waste food on many occasions. Now, every bit of food and its value is made visible by the Lord.

Simply put, 9/19 was not a disaster for me. It was a lab where the Lord wanted me to introspect into myself, correct my derails and tune myself to the service of His Lotus feet.

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