Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Virtual Pooja to Sri Ayyappa

Virtual Pooja to Sri Ayyappa

Today evening it had been a very holy evening. Whilst casually browsing through some websites, I came across Sri Ayyappa Temple, Rohini, New Delhi website, which can be accessed from here. The opening page of the website has a virtual pooja to Sri Ayyappa.

Also, I just got to know Silverlight Streaming of Videos service from Microsoft. I had the Namaskara Slokam of Sri Ayyappa downloaded and in my personal collection. I have downloaded this from CoolGoose, which supports songs in public domain only and with good rating. You can trust CoolGoose for public domain songs for the simple reasons like:

  • Stay away from piracy
  • Small size
  • Though the website puts a lot of advertising, the download speed is good (Even in India and in slow broadbands)

Today evening, I sat down and did a small assignment like below:

  1. Prepared a SlideShow of 'Loka Veeram Maha Vishnum' in http://show.zoho.com/. I then exported it to Microsoft Powerpoint from where I can save the slides as compressed GIFs. The entire typing took me some thirty minutes.
  2. Open Windows Movie Workshop to embed 'Loka Veeram Chanting' and the slides. The most important part was synchronization of the slide that is shown and the sloka which is being chanted.  My laptop didn't have a mouse which was again a great disappointment. I called my friend 'Varaprasad' and he was explaining me how to use the touchpad to easily drag and drop. So, there is one more thing I learnt today.
  3. After careful syncrhonization, I exported the movie and then published to Silverlight Video. Check it out here:

  4. Full Screen URL (may open in your Windows Media Player)


  1. Note: As far as I know the slokam is hand-typed by me reading from various books. The audio is a free download from CoolGoose public domain song and true to my conscience, there has not been any copyright infringment. If at all, you have an issue, please send me a note to deepak.vasudevan (at) rediffmail.com, which would facilitate me to investigate into the matter. This would also help me to visit the website also to inform the uploader and clarify the same.
  2. This requires Silverlight Plugin to be installed. Check out Microsoft Silverlight page for system requirements and to download the silverlight plugin.

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