Thursday, October 02, 2008

"Once I decide, I would never back up"

"Once I decide, I would never back up"

Sometime back, I wrote a review on film Pokkiri over here. This weekend, being free, I was just trying to watch this film that some one had uploaded in Google YouTube. The interesting quote that Vijay keeps telling frequently is "Once I decide, I would never back up from the decision" In little. In a little colloqial Tamil slang, his quote would be: (ஒரு தடவை முடிவு பண்ணிட்டென்னா, என் பேச்ச நானே கேக்க மாட்டேன்) I would say, on a positive sense, this has very good meaning. It means avoiding wavering mind and focusing on the goal with greater attention.

The other interesting quote I liked was when he would meet the don from Dubai. When the don offers him liquors, he would politely excuse himself on the first offer. But when the don tells him not to be scared and pressurizes him for the drinks, he gives back a scar to the don by replying "I don't take up (drink in this case) on any one's compulsion. If I feel like, I initiate the task myself". You can check out this movie clip here.

All along the film, Vijay portrays as a rogue but he is actually a senior police who is hiding as a rogue to bring the big criminals to limelight.

I just thought I would share these two thoughts in an optimistic sense that the wavering mind is discouraged and also let us not keep succumbing to other's goals only. Unless and otherwise, the path is noble and our goal is achieved in the correct path, we should not take up that even if the opponent has illicit powers of any kind.

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