Thursday, July 02, 2009

Good Homer sometimes nods ...

Good Homer sometimes nods ...

I have always been staying aloof off all politics. At least since my New Year resolution 2007, this further confidently and emphatically extended to ensure that I do not act as a thorn in another's path. If I can help, I endeavor my best to assist them else I just choose to stay off. The core of it is to make people around me to smile. Even when I ensured this throughout for the successive third year, the destiny shook my mental tranquility yesterday quite turbulently. Perhaps, it was the wish of the Lord to give me a small test to me. :)

You might have already read the reason behind my 'pen name' from my personal website over here. There had been times when I have been hearing from the diversified associates in varying degrees of proximity to me; fabricated stories by virtue of my pen name. And again just to see the then event is made colorful and to see a smile on others face, I have been letting it go that way and in that process giving birth to a charismatic fictional character out of my doctrine. Any of my webpages might have provided an endorsement to it too. Nevertheless, such transient clouds can not hide the sun besides the fact that I am not the person who would care for grapevines, since I have much more significant things to achieve in my Todolist. But I had to witness a few recent developments wherein my incomplete description of the LD doctrine seems to be disturbing some of my very close proximity too. Hence I just thought I would express the same over here.

I think in the 'Lub Dub' writeup I had just quickly gone through my career progress without giving a strong emphasis on a few points which might be the reason for all sorts of such thoughts. These holes or vulnerabilities, I apprehend, should have been a source for such speculations and apprehensions. This post is an humble endeavor and an earnest initiative to address them and fill the gaps. When I joined my first company, I still remember that even though I was then a fresher, my personal hobby of homepages which started during college gave me an edge. I still remember fresh one of the question asked by then interviewer 'What do you think you would like to do in web technology field or in your career?'. For a fresher and humbly speaking for the then mediocre fresher, the only reply I could see was 'create an internet presence to help others'.
My erstwhile team member ("Prathiba") used to tell that it is upto us to share our expressions as long as it does not hurt others. Not sure what communication gaps inadvertently crept in, a few speculations on my 'Lavanya Deepak' pseudonym had been witnessed by me in more recent times. Hence as a humble propitiation initiative, I am drafting this note besides that except the LD logo all other personal representations are replaced by my favorite Lord. This would propagate across my website, weblogs and social networking websites, wherein I am bringing down my personal preferences in favor of my Lord. I believe, I have actually covered in depth in my 'Lub Dub' editorial and this would again serve as underlined emphasis that LD is none other than my Lord/my conscience/my Lord.

If you call it love, yes it the Love to the Lord ("Bhakthi");
If you call it affection, yes it is Love to my kith and kind ("affection")
If you call it infatuation, yes it is again my Prapatti to my Lord.

Going by my New Year Resolution 2007 I am not pointing fault whatsoever. At the same time, this is a humble endeavor indemnify my 'LD' doctrine against any such grapevines. It is indeed a rarest of the breed to have some one in the chain to match the name and get seeded from thereon. LD also symbolises a lot of other things. Anyone for that matter can not live without his lub-dub.

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