Sunday, February 21, 2010

The devilish Saturday and Sunday syndrome for the past few months ...

The devilish Saturday and Sunday syndrome for the past few months ...

I believe sometime back we have been discussing about the malefic ways in which our society is being pulled towards particularly on Saturdays and Sundays. I recall my school correspondent's inspiring quotes that we should treat holidays as 'holy-days' rather than wasting them over mundane pleasures. But I believe with the increasing perils of bad media and intensifying kali effects, people are more attracted towards mundane pleasures rather than eternal bliss and/or self-realisation.

I typically observe that because of vicious circle of people who involve in all sorts of crappy activities involving arranging to schedule a demo for thier insurance product on saturday, scheduling your time for a business activity which they ought to perform (and thus they escape for a nourishing date with their partner) misusing their authority our general productivity suffers significantly.

I just thought of sharing this view that we ought to accomodate such effects whilst planning our chores in our day-to-day life to minimize (if not able to alleviate it) the ill-effects on our productivity.

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