Thursday, April 15, 2010

What's in a name?

What's in a name?

I would needed to draft this as I closely would share this same plight otherwise. One of my friend is called 'Thamizh' (தமிழ்). From his tender days he had a nickname or a pseudoname of 'Ezhil' (எழில்), perhaps this can sound quite similar to our own story too. Interestingly when he got into his wedlock a few years back his spouse name coincided as 'Ezhil'. This 'Ezhil Tamil' had become now LegenDary. The sail was not smooth enough and the ship got caught and ran berserk because of their own private reasons. Including the 'flesh-and-blood' Ezhil and everyone were actually trying to run him down and mock for using the name of 'Ezhil' and charge umpteen number of allegations except me. I stood by him to defend him through his blazing cruises through the vibrant seas, since I understand the essence of pen name and how to view it seperately from 'mundane' presentations in the world.

With the current situation presenting them to stay aloof for a while, I encouraged him that he should not 'bury' his pet 'Ezhil'. After all that had travelled him for a long time. If the other mundane 'Ezhil' was to depart him in the middle it is her bad luck. Now he has started to participate in the various discussion forums and blogs using the standard name of 'Ezhil Tamil' (எழில் தமிழ்).

I just thought I would share a quick observation (as a bullet point) and a feeling about this 'Name Sharing':

  • Just because the names are shared and are congruent/identical it does not mean one entity is going to superimpose on another or take the place and pride of another. This does apply as a directive to my own circles too, which I have clarified to her and she understood it too. Perhaps she complimented it by stating that if one entity is going to take the other it won't be a superimposition rather an eclipsing which is not going to travel any longer. I believe that has come true with 'Ezhil Tamil' case study.

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Mohan Chandran said...

I fully agree with Deepak here. The individuality cannot be compromised at any point of time. There is no question of compromising individuality because of overlapping.
Every person is unique, even with the same name. A name should not become an obstacle in attaining and realizing one's individuality!