Monday, June 28, 2010

After COM-Surrogate it is now Pregnancy Surrogate

After COM-Surrogate it is now Pregnancy Surrogate

The effect of IT on our real life is significant in more aspects than one -- Good Positive and Malefic Catastrophically Disastrous. IT brought in the following good things:

  1. Radical renaissance to our society
  2. Woman uplift
  3. Economic improvement to the society.
At the same time we incurred the following negatives too:
  1. Too much westernizations challenging the integrity of our nation on the pretext of em-en-see culture
  2. Security Threat to women at workplace
  3. Bad notion amongst people that IT people are spendthrift and lazy. Check out our previous discussion here.
Well! In this evolution chain there is one more new milestone that has started now.

In Windows we have something call 'Com Surrogate'. Here a process runs outside its sphere of the caller. Similarly the new trend that is catching up is 'Pregnancy Surrogate'. Even singles from elsewhere liking to have a kid outsource this task to Indians. After 'IT outsourcing' it is now 'Pregnancy Outsourcing'. Check out details here.

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