Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Annual Ritual of Yajur Upakarma

The Annual Ritual of Yajur Upakarma

Today is Yajur Upakarma. Quite similar to Deepavali 2009 there has been an interesting date clash with Yajur Upakarma this year too. India and Eastern countries were directed to observe Yajur Upakarma on 24th and Gayatri Japam on 25th whereas UK, USA (and westward) were to observe both on 24th itself. This was in line with the directions from Sri Ahobila Mutt. Whereas the Srirangam calendars and the priests at Ranganatha temple, Pomona NY were holding the point that the Indian calendar could be upheld across the globe too.

A few smartha priests were opining that either way should be looking good and befitting the convenience of the users.

My sincere thanks to the following people for helping me to complete the Yajur Upakarma in a very pious and religious way.

  1. Vimala Rajaji mami for helping with the things through mail in a quick way.
  2. Ahobilam.com team for quickly rewriting the Sankalpam and emailing the same one night before according to the geography of the users.
  3. The step-by-step PDF of Yajur Upakarma from www.ahobilam.com.
I also just thought I would also share our way of having festive but pious lunch through a simple video.Perhaps this is a poor man's lunch but not just in a pious way but to cater to the hunger calls of the abdomen.

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