Saturday, August 28, 2010

Google Chrome -- The Choice Web Browser

Google Chrome -- The Choice Web Browser

I am currently using Google Chrome as the choice web browser leaving behind FireFox for  few days since now. Internet Explorer hasn't been in my list because of shortcomings with respect to my browsing habits including its preference to flood my taskbar whereas the other browsers target tabs in lieu of windows.

The other cute things I like in Chrome are:

  1. V8 Scripting Engine (which is blazingly faster)[Warning: A number of websites might break if they use incompatible scripts]
  2. If a website is taking too much resource just hit Shift+Escape to invoke Chrome Task Manager and kill that tab alone. Even within the tab, Shockwave Flash, AddOns are separately listed. So if these components are malfunctioning, it is easy to 'cut their tails'.

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