Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Vernacular vehicular number plates -- 'No! No! for security reasons'

Vernacular vehicular number plates -- 'No! No! for security reasons'

The metropolitan city of Tamil Nadu which also enjoys the coveted position as the state's capital also has another feature -- People sometimes demonstrate extreme attitude in displaying tamil numbers for vehicle plates. See the following example (from Dinamalar):

The vehicle has been apprehended by the cops yesterday night during the patrol. The following were the issues with the trip:

  1. The vehicle belonged to somebody else and this guy had borrowed it without having proper vehicle registration, insurance and/or driving license info. [Offence 1]
  2. The number plate is non-standard. In the case of emergency, there is no way for anyone to quickly report this offending vehicle to the control room.
The vehicle had been promptly towed off to the police station. We appreciate the endeavor of the beat constables in ensuring a prompt action and their humble endeavor in nipping off this bad habit right in the bud.

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