Tuesday, September 07, 2010

What do the cops do?

What do the cops do?

Someone wrote me an email a few minutes back on what exactly the cops in India are upto when there is so much workplace harassment of women? This is really a very broad question. Not to involve in a much of chagrin but just thought would share a few things that our cops are really 'busy' with and which makes them to shriek their moral responsibilities.

Disclaimer: All the bullet points below are sourced from various websites in Internet except for point number (3) which has a vouching of real incidents from me.

  1. Attend to the household chores of their supervisors like buying vegetables, making their dishes, taking their dog for a walk and accompanying their kids to the schools. [Courtesy: Pokkiri movie]
  2. From dawn block traffic for that stupid VIP who is going to cross the stretch only around dusk. [Courtesy: Vivek Comedy from an unknown Tamil film]
  3. The cops can  be easily purchased by affluent persons. [Courtesy: My own encounter with an unscrupulous middle manager in my previous organization and Palani movie]
  4. Involve in bargaining of petty cases making a good sizeable booty.
  5. Framing false cases against the innocent for the sake of filling the FIR books and when confronted challenging that 'for the sake of money can even trade the wife' [Courtesy: Sura movie]
  6. Going by their own whims and fancies and when challenged by some one in public to arrogantly reply "Are you challenging the police itself?" [Courtesy: Sura movie]
Only because of these the sight of police stations in India always have a gloomy look because of prevailing negative waves. [Source: SSRF]

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