Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Good Gesture of Kadhal Kottai …

The movies are not always bad. There are a few gems too from even Kollywood. And one of the lotus that blossomed out of the mesh is Agathian’s Kadhal Kottai, a film where the lover and his beloved were exchanging hearts without even seeing themselves.

During the first introductory shot of our hero, ‘The Ultimate Star’ Ajith in the train to Jaipur he would be getting the date of birth of the co-passenger. When the co-passenger asked him the reason for collecting such details, he would reply that it is his habit of collecting those details even for very casual friends and known persons so that he can send a birthday card to them, with a word of reminder of ‘Where they met first’.

The world is an inn. We are all travellers. And such small gestures would ensure happiness to be spread amongst others. Though Kadhal Kottai got released around 1996 (my second year in College) I had an opportunity to view the film much later in 1998.

Ajith’s gesture had been an inspirational source to me which I had been emulating till now thanks to Facebook and Birthday Alarm alerts. At least for Ajith he had to maintain his pocket diary and this e-Age we have sophisticated tools to support communication and taking it to the next step.

Just thought would recall the start of this gesture in its twelfth anniversary month and the lucky birthday star of this day is the founder of ‘Azhagi.com’.

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