Friday, October 15, 2010

If only every woman tried to be this friendly in her marital home …

This October 2010 there was an excellent writeup by some one in Mangayar Malar. The author had shared her experience about Thalai Deepavali. Her spouse had tight deliverables and hence could arrive at her bride’s parents house only on the day of Diwali. Added to that the enroute political riots fuelled the chaos.

Despite this he risked his life and limb to get off the train in Pune to buy a saree for her. He missed the train but managed to reach by other modes of transit.

Though the bride’s parents bought her diamond-studded silk sareers, she had expressed that the one  bought by her spouse was more dearer and lovely for her. Also en route some one had helped him with a few fireworks with love. That was the first sparkler they lit and celebrated the Diwali.




If only every woman tried to be this friendly in her marital home then we would see an India that is free of marriage dissolutions, illicit paramour relationships, avaricious and aggressively greedy bridal parents who don’t want to partake their daughter’s income even after the marriage, cop/lawyer excesses and all sorts of spiritually negative things.

We have a good news for this quarter. India had been selected as a member of UN security council. And we have a Diwali that is close now coming up in less than a month. Let us hope that this Diwali let us have a Naraka Chaturdasi snanam to ensure that we get rid of Narakasurs as illustrated in the previous paragraph and we welcome a new year 2011 which is more Saatvik in nature.

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