Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Vishing Attempt on LavanyaDeepak

A few minutes back there was an email from one of the colleagues in my recent previous organization. This folk was similar to our ‘Mental Francis’ and just wrote in the email subject (and an empty body)

“Hi deepak let me know ur mobile no

I was just curious and tried to get an initial contact with him. He was acting like a Visher trying to get information about the business critical details and/or gather personal demographics.

I have just  helped him with an information ‘fabricated to two hundred per cent’. If he is going to continue such things forever I am sure he is going to get his arse painted out in bright colors sooner or later sometime or other.

Command Mode Activated: LDCop Anyways to ensure that the current project or business is not impacted I have reported the same to appropriate personnel and have delegated the tasks for them to take him to task.

My principle is simple. ‘Write an email or communicate if you genuinely intend to. And please desist overusing/abusing/misusing the cloud computing facilities’.

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