Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What is happening to Sify Mail around 3 AM Indian Time?

No sooner the clock strikes 3 AM Indian than Sify web server slips into a deep sleep or at least those bunch of morons manning Sify data centers are not able to maintain the uptime of Sify scripts. You can not expect any responsible reply from customercare@sify.com as they would just copy-paste the standard responses from the pre-written boilerplate scripts.

Sify, being an offshoot of Satyam, I think is marching majestically to be another India’s second Enron. If this is going to the attitude of Sify Corp Management, next Tech Mahindra should gear up purchasing Sify Corp forthwith to  bring renaissance into it instead of waiting for a full collapse and a lot of heartbreaks associated with it.

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