Sunday, October 10, 2010

Why me?

Many times when we are in a sorrowful state we always scold the Almighty and have allegations against Him for choosing us to be a victim of His cruelty. However at the same time when have a moment of rejoice we 'party' happily even forgetting to show even  a gesture of gratitude to His blessings. I just thought of expressing this view because of seeing some one's blog on 'Why me?".

The situation of 'Why me' comes to anyone for the following reasons?

  1. To make one realize that there is nothing which one does on its own. And everything is through the operations of the Almighty.
  2. When there is a pain or other negative feel that appears flowing in as if flood gates are opened it means you have duties to accomplish but we are relinquishing our moral responsibilities The pain is a pleasant reminder of the duties.

    I recall our earlier discussion that debilitation of planets is a remidner that we ought to realise our life on earth is towards proliferation of Satwaa component relinquishing the Raja and Tama.

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