Saturday, July 23, 2011

Radhamohan/Prakash' Payanam -- An eye-opener in more than one perspective ...

Today I had an opportunity to see Payanam, a thriller-drama epicentered on a  hijack attempt on a domestic flight in India which is unfoiled by National Security Guards.  A few points about Payanam are hereunder:
  1. As a Radha Mohan's movie and with Prakashraj it does carry a very good entertainment. We can also see Brahmanandam's comedy in it, similar to Mozhi
  2. The precedence that our politicians give to their vote banks more than people's life, national image and integrity of the nation has been brought out quite clearly. I am really expecting the "2G" movie to hit screens which is being planned out currently. 
  3. The malicious journalists and their attempts to thwart the national security just to gain TRP ratings has been illustrated by a reporter who infringes airport security by trespassing as a 'fake cop'.

    How did the so-called Central Industrial Security Force was callous is another story which has not been captured in the movie? Or where they also hand-in-gloves with the reporters?
  4. On a personal experience I have seen the so-called ISO 9001-2000 certified Chennai Airport lacked basic civic sense amongst the staff leave alone lack of medical facilities causing this blogger acute discomfort in 2009-10. Now we come to realize from the research of Radha Mohan that they also do not have proper security infrastructure and the so-called security staff are just 'agents' of thugs. Let us see if Chennai Airport is going to improve something at least in the future.

    We anyway know that Chennai and Mumbai international airports are famous for bag-lifting of electronic gadgets from international passengers' checked in baggages.
  5. Politicians just offer to release the terrorist in a blatant attempt to 'satisfy' them without even consulting the armed forces.
A few good dialogues/quotes in this movie are:
  1. NSG commander blames the so-called representatives from the Home Ministry that "You are just old but not experienced" and I think it aptly applies to the ministries and cabinet too.
  2. The terrorist quotes to the passengers that in the women/child hostages were secure for the three days with them and challenges whether that would be the state of affairs in so-called police stations.
  3. Hero-worshipping has been strongly condemned in the movie. A hero who has been glorified as Shining Star has been clarified that he is in afraid of cockroaches.
Payanam a very good movie in our travel towards the progress of the nation in identifying the bad elements particularly the people's representatives.

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