Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Role Models

We do meet a lot of people on an every day basis. A few of them are immemorable that we should ensure to emulate them. And a few of them are models that we should avoid habits of them. I would like to present a brief outline of two positive figures here for everyone's emulation:

Soorej Andrews Paul: He was the chief system administrator in one of my previous organizations where I was working between 2001 and 2004. The total focus to work, immune to the different unneeded back comments, systematic handling of network outages are for sure of his salient features. On a personal front when some one needs a caring word or a little help that he could afford he was never found to negate the said request. At the same time he ensured he maintained a distance instead of infringing into the victim's personal intimacy and private affairs. For a while he was also victimized by the politics-laden mismanaged middle manager group (a similar plight that I have shared it here) but thanks to CEO's intervention the malicious hands were thwarted in time.

Jerry L Hampton: He is the most helpful project manager. Whatever be the incoming tasks he always ensures the same are enqueued into his little Timesheet/Tasklist spreadsheet and then takes the same from there. That way he ensures that he is not victimized by the so-called slogging syndrome. His sense of humor is a greatest thing of admiration. 'I see something screwy' is one of the commonest phrases that he uses most.  For the team he also helps in administering the network and servers. I am sure the servers would have a good time with him too. When you confront ill-will laden skunks a good one word with him would help you forget about those crazy buggers and recharge you to comfortably ignore them and focus on your work. I strongly see that he should be a strong spiritual person else otherwise a quick one liner with him can not be able to impart a good resistance wave to us.  His Droid is another source of inspiration. When in an important meeting just a coule of rings and it automatically cuts off. His magnanimity in handling with truant politicians and patience to handle bad attitude guys is really awesome. Some how we should pocket-pick these good habits and emulate too. On the humor sense the only question I would like to ask him is 'You are Jerry. Who/Where is Tom?'

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