Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Secular Exploitation of Temples

For the past one week, the hereditary Thiruvananthapuram Sri Ananthapadmanabha Swamy temple is being ransacked by a team of administration officials under the pretext of unearthing concealed secret treasures and as a part of 'stock-taking process'.

What may be the reason behind this 'diplomatic pilferage' of our Hindu temples by the so-called secularists?
After all they have been looting the temples from time immemorial and using it to satisfy their own bestial instincts claiming to spend on secularist purposes.

Perhaps just like our Indian Banks organize the so-called deposit mobilisation drives swiss banks should have announced something and hence is a mad rush amongst the politicians to fill up their private coffers. However, the so-called people's representatives seemed to have forgotten one perspective of the reality that in this process they are also packing their coffins with enough sins to be greeted by Lord Yama ('the Lord of Death') with a red carpet welcome according to the principles of 'Garuda Purana' in order to glorify and garland them with the following due respects:
  1. Andhakupam [Kiss* of the Animals]
  2. Sukaramukham [Caressed* and Sung with Lullaby*]
  3. Taptamurthi [A Date appointment with Agni]*
  4. Vaitarani [A holy dip in the 'river of fragrance'*]
[* These words are used according to the Idakkaradakkal in Tamil. For the exact equivalents of the same please refer our earlier post  ]

सर्व धर्मान परित्यज्य माम एकं शरणम व्रज
अहम् त्वां सर्व पापेभ्यो मोक्ष इश्यामी माम सुच.

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