Tuesday, September 13, 2011

JustDial -- "I am with you where you are"

JustDial is a reliable and dependable staffed and human-attended humane yellow pages 411 search lookup service. Initially they started their operations in India. They have a quick number called 6999 9999 which is available in most of the cities of India. So when you call this number from New Delhi, the local JustDial would answer it.  Whilst calling from the mobile just dial prefix the (long distance) area code (called as STD code in a few Asian nations)

For me, back at home, Just Dial used to be one of the ICE numbers to be frank. Interestingly in this part of the country there are a few text-to-services like Goog-411 (ceased to be operational on November 2010), Bing 411, 411 services provided by telephone operators (at a premium charge) do exist. But I still feel that 1-800-JustDial seems to provide an unmatched service. This is the same business as the one in India. For that matter when you visit http://www.justdial.com/ from here are you are only redirected to a country-specific service. Interestingly, the calls are being serviced through their Mumbai call center.

I hence would recommend JustDial for anyone as a quick lookup to be saved in their mobile phones.

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