Saturday, October 15, 2011

Payanam -- Destiny can change your destination

Last weekend I had an opportunity to watch Radha Mohan's creations 'Payanam' starring Prakashraj. It is a clear demonstration of political interferences in the high voltage drama involving a aircraft hijacked from a fictitious incident involving a flight from Chennai to New Delhi. The pilots resisted causing the engine to be damaged forcing it emergency land in Tirupathi instead of succumbing to the hijack diversion to an alien land of Rawalpindi in Pakistan.

A few points to observe from the movie are:

  1. Bad behavior of media to sensationalize the topics just for boosting up their TRP ratings even involving an illegal impersonation attempts by reporters.
  2. Unethical behavior of airport staff to smuggle explosives into the aircraft lured by the hijackers just for a pay of 2 lakhs. Is so many human lives worth just 2 lakhs?
  3. The government just blindly releases the terrorists to 'satisfy' its vote bank and 'dumbass' security advisors without heeding to the words of 'National Security Guards'. In a way it makes us think whether they are hand-in-gloves with terrorists themselves? The catch quote of NSG to the security advisor -- "You are just old but not experienced" is a befitting reply that needs applause.
  4. The terrorist lets the cat out of the bag -- "Women folk in India are better safe even in the haven/custody of terrorists rather than at courts and cop stations"
A few other personal observations regarding this airport route:
  1. The fictious airplane shows up as 'Starjet' (perhaps closely modelled after Spicejet, which is this blogger's preferred airline for domestic travels). Interestingly the most latest journey I took in Spicejet was Chennai - New Delhi in September 2009.
  2. Chennai Airport though claims all sorts of ISO certifications has a lot of things in negative including lack of good medical support for passengers and friendliness of this staff. This blogger personally had engineered an enquiry to be setup for lack of medical attention for a medical emergency way back in 2009-10 at this airport.

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