Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday movie -- Engeyum Eppodhum in local channel

Today I had an opportunity to watch a good tamil movie called Engeyum Eppodhum in the local cable channel. Amidst a lot of weird violence and rampant flirting-laden movies, this seems to stand out in very different ways besides having a little personal touch for obvious reasons. This post would not be another movie review but an endeavor to touch base on a few points which appealed to me.

  1. I like the route number '123' (Trichy to Chennai). :)
  2. While both the actresses (Anjali and Ananya) have done a commendable performance, the innocent smile and role of Ananya (as Amutha) seems to be drawing more of my attention.

    Furthermore, the way she presents herself and the sense of humor makes me recall something someone I had an opportunity to meet in the (recent) past. Perhaps the lightening speed appearance of that physical entity and the disappearance in the same speed is another significant thing to note here at least in this context.

    Thanks to Ananya in being a vehicle facilitating a pleasant recall of some of the blissful moments.
On a social concern gesture the movie does has a few messages like to desisting from text/talking on the wheels, speed control and cautious moves whilst negotiating with strangers in alien places. 

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Gomathi said...

wow i gonna have a nice time by seeing this movie.Unbelievable movie:)