Friday, September 21, 2012

Breezy Thendral is mauled by a draconian typhoon!

Today's Thendral (21st September 2012) is the height of it. I can not any more tolerate on the atrocities on Tulasi.

I am amazed my Tulasi's great deal of endurance, patience, forgiving nature, gratitude and magnanimity not just to noble but even to evil spirits.

Should I call it eccentric behavior or brand myself so for even being so much disturbed by the direction of this silver screen presentation?

I admit television serials do not originate from the skies. Directors and producers are witnesses in some way of some real life incident, which they base upon and pen their stories to express and convey this to the world.. However, the height of atrocities on poor Tulasi makes me feel volcanic frustration and anger today. I need some sort of counselling to make me distinguish that is just an episode on silver screen and not a real life incident lest I start annihilating some one in 'not-in-my-good-opinion-list'.

With immediate effect, my personal advisors suggest me to curtains down on viewing of Thendral because of this heightened depression which is setting in. I admit I have been a victim of a few 'profiteering attempts' but most of them have been foiled by my Gurudev Shanidev. However for 'some' reason, when I see Tulasi being victimized I can not control my emotions. And in some cases whoever have tried to mis-behave with me have got themselves annihilated by Shanidev to the core.

If I continue watching these atrocities meted out on Thendral any more, this is going to kindle my inner mind, mix and match with my personal experiences and the super-imposition thus made, I am afraid, would drive me vehemently violent if not derisively and weird instance of ridicule not to mention a citation of Nooravathu Naal. I desist from being an instrument or source of annihilation of some one and thus inviting myself under the radar of my gurudev (Shanidev).

I pray for the cause of domestic violence victims like Tulasi with whole heart to my Gurudev.

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