Friday, September 28, 2012

Impediments from self-imposed restrictions

Sometimes the self-discipline measures which we impose serve as impediments. I was searching for a MySQL Import sources. A website from search page was currently a 404 whereas Google had a cache copy of it. Unfortunately, OpenDNS does not like to use cache services because that circumvents a lot of security measures and policies. Since this is my home network, I can very well hop on to dashboard and relax it for a while. But I will not do it. At least after 2007 New Year Resolution, hurting others by even words, patronage/abetting some thing which serves as a hurt or demonstrates some sort of cheat, infidelity is a taboo to me.

So let me Google Search more on MySQL and/or ask in a forum for assistance. Rules are definitely to follow by spirit and not to relax/claim exemption just by our whims and fancies. If we keep poking holes in the firewall and with lot of such holes there is not much wall left in the firewall (citing my favorite quote from Windows Firewall documentation of MSDN).

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