Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The lights on Olympia nameboard atop Altius/Fortius/Citius needs replacement Fullscreen

I had been observing for around sometime that the lights on Olympia nameboard atop one of its towers has got fused. The word 'P' is darkened.  With such a big maintenance team for the tech park none have bothered to fix it over the week.

An intimation of the same was sent on 23rd May 2015 to the following parties:

  1. Sundara Vel (Security Administrator) sundara.vel@cbre.co.in
  2. Chandru chandru@khivrajmotors.com, 
  3. Customer Service cs@khivrajgroup.com
  4. Chandrasekar chandrasekhar@khivrajmotors.com, 
  5. Agarwal agarwal@khivrajmotors.com
  6. Human Resourcs OTP hrdmanager@khivrajmotors.com
  7. Julian julian@olympiatechpark.com
  8. Durga Prasad durgaprasad@olympiagroup.in
  9. MIS OTP mis@khivrajauto.com
  10. GM (Marketing) gm-marketing@olympiagroup.in
  11. GM (Legal) gm-legal@khivrajmotors.com
  12. GM (Operations) gm-oprs@olympiatechpark.com
  13. Finance OTP finance@khivrajmotors.com
  14. New Ventures (Khivraj Estates) infonew@khivrajestates.com,
  15. Khivraj Nandanam khivrajnandanam@olympiatechpark.com,
  16. Purchase purchase@olympiatechpark.com, 
  17. KML Accounts kml-accounts@khivrajmotors.com
  18. Rajendran (Finance) rajendran.finance@khivrajgroup.com, 
  19. Vijay (Finance) vijay.finance@khivrajmotors.com
  20. Rahul Baid rahul.baid@khivrajmotors.com
  21. Information Desk (OTP) info@olympiatechpark.com
  22. Phoenix Marketcity Contact contact@marketcity.in
  23. Sunil N sunil.n@marketcity.in
  24. Atul Ruia atulruia@highstreetphoenix.com
  25. PMC Marketing marketing@highstreetphoenix.com
  26. Carmen Cortes carmen.cortes@cbre.com
  27. Cassandra Makle cassandra.makle@cbre.com
  28. CBRE HR human.resources@cbre.com
  29. Investor Relations investorrelations@cbre.com
  30. Stephen Ballas stephen.ballas@cbre.com
  31. Wally Rosvall wally.rosvall@cbre.com
  32. Raymond Wong raymond.wong@cbre.com
  33. Robert McGrath robert.mcgrath@cbre.com
  34. Privacy Admin privacyadministrator@cbre.com
  35. Webmaster webmaster@cbre.com
  36. Anshuman CBRE anshuman.magazine@cbre.co.in

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