Friday, September 04, 2015

What is the need of retention call?

In India, particularly Chennai seems to be haunted with the following issue,

--Nagging people who are exiting from the play.

So what does the 'play' here stand for? Anything. 

  1. At workplace if an employee is going a bit early on some day or on a long vacation, the stupid managers would then only try to see as-if the business itself coming to a standstill and raising a hell lot of questions on 'knowledge transfer' and other things. When you see the status after your return, the sad and interesting truth is that nothing would have progressed anywhere.
  2. At workplace when an employee is about to exit the services, the final few days would be a fortuitous interference on his/her personal life with a number of 'Why/What-after/Where'. This along with the issue mentioned in (1) is a cumulative.
  3. When you try port-out a number from one cellular operator to another, the stupid pesky call from the losing (donor) operator with beguile offers is another headache. 

After all, these days if relationships turn sour we have the liberty to knock the doors of the court seeking liberation from those clutches. So why are these moronic mundane creatures bothering us?

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