Saturday, January 16, 2016

Situational Greed

During our every day journey we come across a lot of people. That way we also learn about a lot of attitude and get enormous experience. There are people who are so mean that they want to make the best for their own benefit at the cost of others.

There was a recent experience with one such spiritual service consultant who was helped by this writer in revamping his website for free. But then he was trying to take an undue advantage of enqueuing a lot of more change requests at the expense of writer's main tasks. When it was refused he used to show a long face. Furthermore, a lot of freebies he was expecting. 

There was also quite a few things which the writer discovered about him -- Non-compliance regarding tax returns. Despite advising him a number of times he was not budging. And during the recent trip to US, this elite gentleman was trying to give a long list of things to get -- laptop, accessories like bluetooth keyboard etc. When it comes to payment he will give in pieces. And when the services were turned down there is no response from him for the past few months.

How do we treat and deal such situational greedy people?

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