Wednesday, April 20, 2016

#VENS -- (V)oluntary (E)rror (N)otification (S)ystem

Whenever we find something amiss, it is always a good gesture to be proactive in helping out the victims by informing them or taking them to a safe place away from the issue. On the cyberspace front, I just thought of creating a system called VENS -- Voluntary Error Notification System where when we find something we can text/email/fax the victim or appropriate authorities so that suitable redressal action be taken.

Please note that VENS should be purely voluntary in nature and no duress or force be appearing in any form. Also no monetary or remuneration is guaranteed for helping out and/or is not entertained either. The humble and good intent is to help everyone grow in a positive perspective away from the lot of mess ups and miss outs.

This was conceptualized in 2010 and a few incidents were reported however due to time constraints and other factors it was dropped. I am trying to rejuvenate the same here.

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