Thursday, May 14, 2020

Unpardonable Uncivilized Barbaric Gesture of Public Servant of #VaniyambadiMuncipality towards Market Traders

The state of #TamilNadu witnessed the most uncivilized gesture from a civic professional (aka) IAS who had been occupying the most privileged position as Municipality Commissioner in the industrial town of Vaniyambadi in Vellore district.

Mr. Cecil Thomas was reported in viral media on social platform as being on a ransacking spree in the market damaging public property, overturning sellers cart, throwing vegetables, fruits etc to road. The justification provided later by the official on grounds of suo moto action of SHRC shown in the various reports like he got stressed out advising the traders not to make the town like another Koyambedu market in COVID19 landscape. However this justification does not seem to be valid but just shows up as a gesture to escape from the disciplinary action.

Furthermore mere seeking of apology or expressing regret over the actions does not undo the hurt caused inadvertently or intentionally. Additionally though there are a few media reports that claim he also disbursed compensation to the people who were affected by his frenzied gestures the same could not be seen as a long term resolution because of the powers wielded by his position. Whoever is compensated by him could be targeted in future in retaliation too.

Hence we need to request to the appropriate panel to ensure most stringent disciplinary action be taken on the official that should be deterrent on similar initiatives by future offenders.

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