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It's Diwali...

It is Diwali on 24th. The most celebrated festival through out India. It falls on the Amavasya day of the Hindu month of Ashwini (October-November).  The festival is celebrated with a diversified set of rich historic reasons that are being attributed to it.
There is saying that slaying of the wicked demon king of Narakasura is one such reason. In Northern Parts of India, it is being celebrated as a return of Lord Sri Rama after his two seven (14) year exile period.  Perhaps, towards Dussehra, Northern Parts of India celebrate a Ram Leela, which signifies burning of effigies of Kumbakarn, Indrajit and  Ravan, in that order

For us, a Diwali means a lot of fun and new inspirations and new goals rejuvenated for our lives. Sweets, New Clothes, Meeting and Get-To-Gether with Friends and Relatives. Perhaps with this age of cable Televisions, we should not get locked up before the stupid box but break off to get together with a lot of our friends. That's a small note about Diwali.

For men may come and men may go but I go on for ever ...

This was a few jottings I wrote sometime back and circulated to my friend fed up because of the amount of attrition that my team was witnessing. The email slowly leaked into my CEO's attention. I was afraid whether that is going to create trouble whereas Srinivas Thirunagari took it very positively for the affection I had for myorganization and he sponsored today's snack juice at Hotel Ashoka.

I come from Mississippi and St. Paul plains
I jump down through the timezones
I sparkle amongst the different rains and chains
To bicker down the Marina cones

By thirty months I hurry down Or Slip between various ridges
Till last by XP’s farm I flow To join the brimming bridges
For Men many come and Men May Go
But I go on forever.

I chatter over the stony ways of enraged customers,
I jump into hard days and babble with the pebble of depressions,
With many curves and twists I fret with many peaks and fallows
Sweety fairy projects and sour maintanence provides
I keep flowing towards the so…