Friday, November 04, 2005

Flash Monsoon Showers Today

Flash Monsoon Showers Today

Today morning, Chennai again started to recieve Flash Showers. The Met Department has reported this as an effect of a small low pressure trough in Bay of Bengal, which is relatively weak as of now.

However, for casual users for us, today also being a holiday on account of Ramzan, it would be a real fun and frolic to watch the showers. 

Rains are always most welcome in any part of the world. No wonder all poets have praised it on all times. Just a fond recollection:

  1. Varappuyara Neer Uyarum,
    Neer Uyara Nel Uyarum,
    Nel Uyara Kudi Uyarum,
    Kudi Uyara Kon Uyarvaan

  2. A Tamil Rhyme in the Primary School which praises rain in a very easy words for the tiny tots. A couple of lines like

    'Tavalai kooda Padumae; Tanneerila Adumae'
    'Teruvellam Vellamae; Tinnaiyorum Sellumae'

    Meaning: Toads and Frogs celebrate rain and dance happily in the waters. All streets and roads are flooded and the water is gushing to the main river through the small lanes.
  3. I could also remember a kind of lyrics in, I think, En Swasa Katre which was released during the period, we were in the 7th semester of our college.  I could'nt remember the exact song but would go like 'Avoid black umbrella to rain since it resembled like protesting it'. :)

In short, poets from old days to now, all treat Rain as a most welcome guest. Letz join hands with them to welcome it. It is the Showers of Blessings from the Lord.

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Vasudevan Deepak Kumar said...

By the way, if some reader could get the full lyrics of the Primary School Rhyme?

I think, we can try and request to TNTBS (Tamil Nadu Text Book Society) to check out the old syllabus book and get the lyrics too.