Sunday, October 22, 2006

Celebrations with fervour -- The Lights Festival (Deepavali)

Celebrations with fervour -- The Lights Festival (Deepavali)

It was Diwali celebrations yesterday throughout the nation and worldwide for Indians. Among all festivals, Diwali commands a unique place of pride and prestige for one and all. Perhaps for the interested reader, we also have a Happy Diwali post on the eve of Deepavali. Turning back to the pages of history, Deepavali inherits multiple reasons. A few of them in nutshell are:

  1. Slaying down of the wicked king Narakasura by Lord Krishna and bringing the righteousness on the face of the earth. Hence Diwali falls on Naraka Chathurdasi and the holy oil bath that we take in the wee hours of Deepavali is called as Naraka Chathurdasi Snanam. We dress ourselves in splendor and burn crackers to commomorate the victory of righteousness (Lord Krishna) over the unrighteousness (Narakasura, the wicked king).
  2. Return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya after completing his two seven years (14 years) exile in the forest. It is a nice lyrics in Kamba Ramayanam that he describes as two seven years instead of fourteen years.

Coming back to the discussion, my Deepavali celebrations were almost attending some Requirements Engineering Web Presentations late over the night and returning back home only at 0300 hours. With an alarm waking up at 0400 hours, had a brief head bath and a brief poojas, resumed back the sleep to wake up sometime at 1200. This was because the whole of the previous three days I had been staying late to attend the Web Seminars over the said topic.

I started at about 1300 and joined by my friend in Velacherry, we went to Triplicane temple. Since we reached quite early, there were'nt much crowd and had darshan. After a brief trip in the beach, we took 45 A to Velacherry back. This was again an interesting journey since this would take you through all important places and a Diwali City Tour perhaps. The evening entertainment was the film Saami in Sun TV. Perhaps for those interested, here is a brief review of this film Saami written long back in

All along the city, Deepavali was witnessed by all colorful charming celebrations adored by sizzling sparking shiny showers of firework artworks throughout. Kudos to all those in fireworks industry for thier all pervasive enthusiasm throughout the worldwide celebrations making the festival colorful.

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