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An Interesting Bus Journey from Tambaram to Guindy

An Interesting Bus Journey from Tambaram to Guindy

Today being Saturday, I was sleeping till about noon and then I started out. I had my weekly Triplicane temple visit and a few  TODOs in my TaskList scheduled.  Normally, the bus stop at my place is near Kamarajapuram and I had to walk till there since not all buses stop at the bus stop near me (Rajakilpakkam). While I crossed today the Rajakilpakkam bus stand, I saw two bus conductors standing there and a T51 was coming that time.  I just thought I would wait a while to ascertain whether these guys are able to stop the vehicle there. And my speculation did come true and the bus stopped. It was almost on par VVIP boarding since other than white-board (ordinary) buses, other LSS services don't stop in that bus stand. And when I landed in Medawalkam to get the next bus, again it was a fun when M21 just was waiting there to reach upto Vijayanagar.

But one thing I observed with M21 today was the intensity of the potholes that adore the roads of Chennai. Typically one can be a silent witness of this when the bus is also semi-empty and you sit somewhere near the rear seat. The rear seat of the bus is known to give more bumps. And normally physically weak or ailing patients are discouraged from taking the rear (long single joint) seats due to this reason. Too many bumps like that might induce nausea, head-ache, vomitting sensations and also digestive problems. I think Metropolitan Transport Corporation should consider some strategy to workaround this issue.

Again while taking the bus from  Vijayanagar to Guindy, it was some philosophical learning there. I was tooking the aisle seat in D70. Since the climate is surreptitiously sultry even at the wake of monsoons in many parts of the state, I was wishing and looking out if some window seat could get empty. Right at that time, one more D70 Express was shunting back and forth to get a comfortable parking. And the chatterbox duo occupants in the front seat of mine immediately jumped out mistaking it for the starting, unheeding the alerts of the vendors who told only the bus we are sitting is going to start. And I jumped into that seat to avail the opportunity of getting the window seat, just like the kingfisher bird grasping the fish after a wait. Early bird catches the worm right? And during the journey one more philosophical learning and a movie scene came to my mind.  In a film, Jaishankar actor was acting as God and he was talking to his devotee (YG Mahendran) near the restaurant explaining him that life and death are common in the world and the body is just an inn for the soul. This birth the soul is taking this shirt (body) and it would jump to the next one during the next birth. To explain him, he asked YGM to go and sit in the table of the restaurant. YG rebuked stating that "Where to sit? The table is full". Now the God did a magic and one guy ran away. Now he asked YG to go and sit. Now YG understood about the jumping of soul from wearing one shirt to another.


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