Monday, October 02, 2006

International Day of the Senior Citizens

International Day of the Senior Citizens

October 1 is also being revered as International Day of Senior Citizens. Our senior citizens need desperate attention from all quarters. According to World Health Organization (WHO), "Senior citizens need to be viewed as a positive contribution to the society streamlining its processes towards attaining the desired objectives in a most optimal way rather than viewing them in the negative perspective as a burden".

With increasing world travel and spread out families, the concept of Undivided nuclear families are getting extinct. This means the newer generation seldom knows about the sacred values of our rich heritage and culture on the pretext of modernisation. It is with pure self-conscious effort on our part, that this malady of the society can be cured.

On thier part, the government has instructed nationalized banks to patronize senior citizens with more interest in deposits. But to how much extent this is being actually materialized, which we have to ensure.

Readers: Please feel free to share your views on how to enrich the lives of our senior citizens and thus bring rich prosperity in terms of growth of the nation as well preservation of our rich heritage and culture.

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