Thursday, October 12, 2006

Responding to the Attitude Hostility to Commitment

Responding to the Attitude Hostility to Commitment

Commitment to the duty that we have in hand is by far the most significant part of the cake that is involved in completing a given task to its perfection. This applies to any profession or task that we have in hand. This thought of mind was nurturing in my mind for sometime and while travelling today from Tambaram to Guindy and a song that was playing in the bus took my mind to some remote journeys for various phases of introspection and eventually to share the same over here.

Particularly when I encounter persons that severely lack committment to the work on hand, I strongly prefer to keep them off the bay. I am particularly intimidated when someone at the close proximity displays such attitude. While I was in my previous organization, my the then CEO (Srinivas Thirunagari) used to guide me regarding this many times. Perhaps for the interested reader, I would like to share my earlier post enumerating the same. With those guidances in place, now I am able to comfortably and safely ignore such clowns and jerks rather than chiding them thus hurting thier ego and making the place dirty. And as I have discussed in yet another post ("Fate of Freshers"), I still get very much intimidated when it comes thieving of credits. I am actually strongly against this and I really can give a long long list of enemies that I have earned who I have openly brought to limelight time and again.

Well! Now comes the interesting discussion on why this came as a point of debate instead of a good topic lying around in my mind. The credit of the same goes to bus number 79 (Kanchipuram - Chennai) whose DVD stereo which was playing the famous song from Shimla Special which has the lyrics like Nee Sollu Nandalala. It is a very famous song of Kamalhasan and I think the playback singer is SP Balasubramanian ('Padum Nila'). Since Kamal used to very much get intimidated by false friends and pretenders, he used to address the Lord and ask him whether what he does his correct or wrong? ("Naan enna kalla paala. Nee sollu Nanda Lala?")

[Nee Sollu Nanda Lala from Simla Special]

I also truly feel that people who lack commitment alone involves in credit thefts in that they attempt to take credit of the work done by others. They just simply lack the skill in thier workmanship. Again this makes us get intimidated. As in Sindhu Bhairavi, JKB (Sivakumar) used to tell to Sindhu (Suhasini) while discussing about people who have zero knowledge in music "I am getting so intimidated when I am forced to talk to people who have absolutely no knowledge and/or love for music."

Readers --> What do you feel about lack of commitment syndromes that you encounter in your work and about credit thefts? Share your views.

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