Saturday, December 09, 2006

Helpful Traffic Jam near Kathipara

Helpful Traffic Jam near Kathipara

Today while coming to my workplace sometime around 4 PM, I found that there was a very heavy traffic snarl near Kathipara. The ongoing route from Kathipara towards Ashok Pillar was witnessing slow moving serpentine crowd of vehicles for unknown reasons. I thought, it would be waste to catch a bus for the few yards and I would rather walk off the distance. Good decision, I made. Why? Read on.

As I walked a few steps, I saw D70 Express stopping in the traffic jam. Since the two wheelers were haphazardly waiting to escape from the traffic jam, I had to practice monkey jumps to make my way out of the traffic jam. Perhaps some form of 'Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution' going back. :)

The rear side of D70 had an advertisement carrying an information. "Ayyappa Celebration on December 16 (Margazhi 1) in Meenakshi College Grounds". I could only quickly grasp this information and thought I would share with other readers, who  might be in intending to take up pilgrimage for Sabarimala. I would try and get more details and update over here in the meantime.

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