Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Paving a Way For Quick and Comfortable Journey

Paving a Way For Quick and Comfortable Journey

With the amount of heavy traffic in Chennai these days, commuting to Chennai Central or Chennai Airport in time to catch the train or flight has been a herculean task. You can not depend on autorickshaws too as they vie with another in ensuring that you pay through your nose. Here comes the advantages of Call Taxis. You can just call the call center and within a maximum of 40 minutes, you can ensure that a taxi comes at your doorstep and honks to invite you to begin your journey to your preferred destination in extreme comfort and luxury.

Now these call taxis have brought in very innovative concepts and I just wanted to share with you a couple of things for your information.

  1. Roundtrip package booking to areas around Chennai like Thiruvendanthai (near Mamallapuram), areas around Tambaram etc.  Thanks to Santosh for letting me know about this after checking with FastTrack Call Taxi, the premiere call Taxi operators in South India.
  2. Online Booking. Fast Track is again a pioneer in bringing this type of facility to the desktop of its customers.

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