Monday, January 01, 2007

Mills of Gods Grind Slow But Sure

Mills of Gods Grind Slow But Sure

It is true that the mills of Gods grind slow but sure. They have lesser RPM to prove the veracity cum prowess and potential of another known saying called 'Slow and Steady Wins the Race'. There were some known hiccups in reaching out to West Mambalam Sri Sathyanarayana Perumal temple by this blogger due to commuting and other problems known best to the Lord.

Even a couple of information cum pilgrim service posts that are enumerated below were hit with hiccups like powercuts, Trojan attack and interrupted dial up networking. Thanks to the Lord for keeping up the endurance and giving the blessings to be more diligent in serving the pilgrims with this information. With these and having recieved messages that they were really useful, it is subtly and tangibly evident that all those bullshit hurdles are now melt-down snow that has seen the sun.

The information posts that witnessed this Yagna against the evils and won the victory are:

  1. Sri Satya Narayana Perumal Dhanur Madha Pooja Celebrations
  2. Hanumadh Jayanthi in West Mambalam Sri Sathyanarayana Perumal
  3. 30th Year Thiruppavai Upanyasam by West Mambalam Sri Sudharshana Satsangam

My humble and sincere thanks to the Lord for showering the most kindest showers in crossing this hurdle too.

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Vasudevan Deepak Kumar said...

While browsing LIC India website, I came across thier slogan which says "Dedicated to the service of people for thier life and after thier life for thier heirs". The tamil version goes like this

1) Vazhum podhum Vaazhkkaiku Piragum. In Tamil Unicode, here is the ad slogan: வாழும் போதும் வாழ்க்கைக்கு பிறகும்.

I think this is perfectly true with respect to this. God's blessings to the honest continues for ever and his chase and kick on the evil continues in the other way so.