Saturday, April 07, 2007

Chill Weekend at Irving

Chill Weekend at Irving

This seems to be a chill weekend at Irving. It is said that Texas summer is really hot and really really hotter like in Chennai, India sans sweating and perspiration. However, starting from Wednesday the climate had a very interesting transition. About the previous weekend, there were quite a few mild to strong thunderstorms in the area, with the neighborhood state of Okhlohoma also hosting a couple of tornadoes. This weekend there were predictions like chill temperature including light snowing. I attaching a screenshot of weather forecast at Irving here for April 07, 2007. I use Weather since it has a pleasant interface with configurability to Celsius.

[Weather Forecast for 7th April 2007 Day and Night]

Interestingly yesterday I went in the evening with my friend to Hotel DoubleTree for a casual weekend party. As always the unique thing I always do, I forgot my jacket and when we returned it was 11 PM. The weather had been become more inclement. It had started to lightly drizzle too. Somehow managed to come and no sooner did my friend drop at the hotel, I barged in to the room and turned on the room heaters before preparing some quick dinner bites. Today even during daytime, the weather is really biting cold. A wonderful weather weekend to cherish all the way through.

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