Friday, January 16, 2009

Cool New website of Swamiyae Saranam Ayyappa!

Cool New website of Swamiyae Saranam Ayyappa!

Whilst casually browsing through 'The Hindu' online regarding updates on Makara Jyothi pooja in Sabarimala, I came across a new website on Sabarimala which can be located over here. The actual news article from 'The Hindu' which guided me to the new website can be located here. The website says that is also organized by Sabarimala Senior Tantri.

The downloads section has an excellent big image of Sri Ayyappa which you can take a print and have it included for your daily pooja. You can download the same over here. The website also gives the MP3 version of Harivarasanam download.

Let us try to visit the website often and get the blessings of the Lord.

Swamiyae Saranam Ayyappa!

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