Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"Why did I change my Weekly Triplicane Temple Schedule to Saturday?"

"Why did I change my Weekly Triplicane Temple Schedule to Saturday?"

I have been recieving a spurt of comments and emails with soft protest of changing my Weekly Triplicane Pilgrimage to Saturday from the usual Thursday. One of them had even contested that there was an earlier incident and I should have thought about it before advocating this change.

I admit of this change but it was not in a hurry. It is an interim change for a variety of reasons which I would like to share it off here:

  1. The time taken to/fro the temple has currently doubled because of crazy traffic situations in Chennai, which might be partially because of horrendous mismanagement of traffic by CCTP (Chennai City Traffic Police), nonchalant attitude of Government to the evergrowing traffic and also callousness of private vehicle users across the city.
  2. An undue bad-eye effect and 'story-fabrication-efforts' of a non-Hindu guy in close proximity. I had to take this step to offset and to 'contain' his ill-doings. The typical non-Hindu guy seems to be striking again after a brief spell now. I appreciate his gesture of mimicing Mohammed of Ghazni (who, according to ancient History of India, attacked India 17 times).

This Saturday schedule is currently reflecting in my Yahoo Calendar that way, but very shortly it would be moved to another date, most comfortable to everyone. Stay Tuned!

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