Thursday, April 01, 2010

What I don’t like in Samsung Alias2™?

samsungaliasSamsung Alias 2 ™ is Verizon-Samsung featured phone for the entry-level users and for casual communications.

At least for talkers only without any need for savvy communication needs this is all the more befitting phone. But there are some things I don’t like in this phone:


  1. Too high and too much intrusive minute minder.  There should be an option to disable it.
  2. Volume should be more controllable. At least when at workplace and controlled environments I should be able to moderately control it.
  3. Too much restrictive in GPRS/EDGE App downloads. Verizon-Samsung alias should be more flexible in allowing at least MP3 and other files. Not always I can have MMSing through my email option.
  4. At times when I access the media center I see an abrupt restart of the mobile for no reason.

Verizon customer care: Do they exist?  *611 runs wild calls for long and then I would just encounter a message “Signal faded. Call was lost” – Hope ‘America’s largest and most reliable wire-free network makes something to make the users breathe worry-free’.

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