Friday, August 27, 2010

Watching Inidhu Inidhu today

Watching Inidhu Inidhu today

Today being Friday and a weekend just came to my home a bit early. Then drove to a nearby theater to watch Inidhu Inidhu. The film seemed to have been just released by Aug 20 and I have watched it in a week's time. I believe this is one of the first films which I see in its nascent stage. I have never had an tighter interest and/or affinity to films.

So what has caused this change to be swept in?

  1. Was that the signs of my alma mater in the movie?
  2. A little relaxation after the really hectic week?
  3. A little soothing comfort to the aching soul and the paining heart?
Coming back to the film it does not have any long running stories, fights or like that. However it takes you back to your college days that demonstrates an innocent smile, flawless friendship and an affectionate love. As the climax of the story reveals the farewell is a very painful one. After four years of being together this is the most cruel day to strew the tight-bound friends apart. I would at this point recall a song from another Tamil movie which also speaks about this 'கண்ணீரில் தான் எங்கள் farewell  party'. 

Some of the features I actually hated in the film were:
  1. Scenes of ragging. VIT demonstrated a no-tolerance of ragging and I believe they should have avoided these gestures from the holy campus. 
  2. Taints of friendship getting into the lines of romance. Well! I have no more comments in this as it might lead to controversies. 
Anyways a film that is a good to watch after a long time. Kollywood has seen a 'watchable' film after really really a long time. Thanks to Prakashraj and Duet Pictures for bringing out this film.

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