Friday, December 24, 2010

Cruising Calmly on the Internet Shores …

opendnsOpenDNS is a free ISP DNS replacer providing superior intenet services for free besides enhancing the security infrastructure available for us in surfing the Internet. All you get this for free (free of any bucks and free of ads too)

Whose site is that I know
His home and work elsewhere though
But my visits have a lot of spagetti tracks
The travel too has a lot of traps.

PhishTank and OpenDNS might think it queer
To ply by without safety thought near
With all the crazy browsers and obsolete AV around
At all times of the clock with its security skills profound

OpenDNS gives a gentle browser shake
To ask if there is a mistake
The only other navigation is my Chrome Alert
Of the flashy and fishy website dirt

The iWay is lovely dark and deep
But I have missions to accomplish
For safe and secure miles to travel before I sleep
For safe and secure miles to travel before I sleep

[Adapted from 'Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening' (Robert Frost)]

You may not be aware that OpenDNS recently inaugurated a state of the art data center in Singapore. One more server is being commissioned in Frankfurt. You can also find this in OpenDNS page. With all these infrastructure I am sure one can feel confident crusing through the web without caring out the perils which are elegantly handled by the experts.

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