Monday, June 13, 2011

Fox Again!

After a sojourn with Chrome, I am now using Firefox again in its 4.0.1 version. Why is this change again? The reasons for this migration are:
  1. For some reason my Chrome on Ubuntu is not able to recognize Unicode fonts properly. Also I see a steep memory usage when it comes to Shockwave Movies.
  2. As you know, Chrome allocates separates process memory for each tabs which might be heavy on challenged computers.
  3. Firefox 4 brings Chrome-like interfaces with good improvements in memory footprint as well.
  4. Seeing a fox in the morning is said to bring good luck. :)
The only drawbacks I see in Firefox currently are:

  1. When I install an add-on it is expecting me to restart the web browser whilst Chrome does it only the fly.
  2. PDF documents open inline natively in Chrome whereas Firefox still depend on the bloated reader plugin from Adobe.

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